Zen and the art of Galactic Hitch-hiking

I laughed heartily from the beginning of the movie ‘The Hitch-hiker’s guide to the Galaxy’. Maybe it was muscle memory coming into play from my time spent in the Athlone Library in the 1980s reading Douglas Adams’s classic. Ah! Athlone. Ah! Adams. Those were the days.

Anyway, the point was? Oh yes, Douglas Adams, whatever he was – author, mystic, space alien – was also, in my opinion, a Zen Master. In the movie (I do not recall the details from the book), Arthur says to Trish, a million miles from Earth, or rather where it had been an hour or two previously, something like:

“You know, our planet has just been destroyed by ugly aliens. I’ve just been saved by an improbable event of unimaginable proportions. I find you in a spaceship piloted by a guy who whisked you off last night to see his spaceship, and…”

“Yes?” she says.

“And you and I, what do we end up talking about…? Our relationship”.


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