Bafana Bafana III – Noah



2 Responses to “Bafana Bafana III – Noah”

  1. nabs Says:

    has Noah decided to change his profession to a doctor? note the pattern, fireman to doctor – my darling little cousin is definitely going to be contributing to mankind. he’ll be saving lives for sure. maybe jody will be the musician. he can travel dirt roads with me and we can busk together in obscure towns not found on any maps. perhaps i will get you to sign parental guidance over to me so i can take them both away with me relatively soon. varsity can wait. innocent genius cannot

  2. the1rod Says:

    Nabs, I am planning to protect my boys from the corrupting influence of women, well-intentioned or not, for as long as I can. Try again when they are 30 or so, ok?

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