Getting all technical

So I want to download some pictures of my children from the phone. Sounds simple enough. I find out that you can buy the data cable for R400+. Or, sign up for MMS for free. So guess which option I go for?

So I call Cell C, and they enable me. I send the MMS through to my email account, thinking I can then put it on my memory stick and take it to the photo shop. No such luck. The message comes through, but no picture. An hour or so on the phone later Cell C says it should work. But it doesn’t. They tell me to call Samsung. Samsung tests it with my model handset, and it works. On MTN. So I figure Cell C must be the problem. No problem, let me try to use Vodacom. Sim swop. Vodacom enable me. But ‘Network Unavailable’ comes up when I try to send. Turns out I have to get my service provider to fax me a Value Added Services request form.

I wait. It does not arrive. I call again. The fax eventually arrives. I fax it back. I call them back to check that the fax has arrived. No, the fax number I sent it to was wrong. The number printed on their letter head is for cancellations. I resend to the correct number. Twice. I request that they call me when the fax is received. I am still waiting. The connection to the network will take between 2-24 hours to effect, when  the fax is received. I started organising things this morning at 08h00. It is now 16h00. I am thinking of calling again. Or blowing my brains out.


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