Me vs. Andre Agassi in the Game of Life

You might remember a certain long-haired chap from the early nineties. No, not me, but Andre Agassi.

Well, seeing as how he is now nearing retirement at the ripe old age of 34, and I – of a similar age and only now beginning to work and only due for retirement in 30 years or so – well, I thought a retrospective would be appropriate.

1. Andre has reached the pinnacle of his career, dominating the world of tennis.

—Fifteen Love Agassi…

2. Andre married Brooke Shields!

—–Thirty Love Agassi…

3. Andre has accrued a vast fortune, raking in millions of dollars, while doing what he loves.

——-Forty Love Agassi…

Oh, Oh, game point: gotta pull one outta the bag.

4. Whereas Andre has lost all his hair, I still have mine in great abundance.

———–Game to Rod!

Send this to five guys you know with hair, then rub a bald man’s head and see what happens!!!!


No Responses to “Me vs. Andre Agassi in the Game of Life”

  1. Thursday Says:

    That’s cold bru. (as is my head)

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