The Color Purple…

is turning Orange. I mean Orange is the new pink, if you know what I mean.

Not that I've read the book with the above title as it's title, or that you, dear reader, will have read it either, or perhaps even that you would have known that it was a book which inspired this title, but I went  into Markham yesterday and found my way to the t-shirt section where I bargained for one collared and one uncollared garment, both being orange. My urge for orange started some weeks ago when I entered Woolworths and encountered a rust/orange 'trui', as they say in Afrikaans. Since then mine eyes have seen the glory of orange. But not its citrus nature.

Speaking of which, I ate a red orange a few days ago. How is this possible, I wanted to know? Can one get sick of eating healthily then, too? Are all contradictions merely words crashing into each other, while reality gaily (that's a word you don't see very often, hey?) goes about its business? Aha!, perhaps it was a grapefruit masquerading as an orange. Cross-dressing fruits, as it were.


One Response to “The Color Purple…”

  1. nabeeha Says:

    i’d imagine orange would look quite fitting on you uncle rod

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