My father has died

10 August 1925 – 28 April 2006

Aubrey Ignatius Morgan, father of nine, passed away in his sleep. We all saw him on Freedom Day at a braai at my brother’s house. My parents stayed over. The family was shocked that he did not wake up. It was totally unexpected, although he has had heart attacks in the past few years. He returned to the earth in his usual unassuming, diplomatic way.

We learned quite a lot from and about him in the last few days. He stayed over with us on Tuesday, and that evening I learned that he was a punctual person, wanting to get up at 06h45 for my mother’s appointment at 08h30 just down the road at Vincent Pallotti Hospital. Apparently, he has always been that way, without my noticing.

He taught Noah how to stand properly when batting, side-on. Yesterday, Noah was hitting the ball prodigously. And Jody? Well, he was just getting to know and like his Pa. He started calling him that, and wanting my dad to read to him. When we went to my mother’s the other day, he said ‘Pah’ when we pulled up, and he kissed the picture of my father. Hauntingly, he has also said ‘Pah doo-doo’s’ a couple of times, without any prompting. That relationship they were starting out on, is, for me, the greatest loss. All his grandchildren were devastated. My dad left a small inheritance, but a large legacy.

Death, as I understood it as a child, was a terrifying, fearful thing. But now it has just been very sad. I think those that remain behind do not know death. My father is dead, but only to himself. We know only loss.

The funeral service will be held on Thursday, 4 May at 10h30. Venue: St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, 4th Street, Welcome Estate. 


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