So Grandma and Grandpa came round to sleep at our house last night. We fed them, connected the TV aerial for them, and bid them goodnight. We even bought a new bed for them that doubles as a couch by day. They will be making this one-day per week stop due to the need for Grandma to be at the nearby Vincent Pallotti hospital, were she is undergoing treatment for cancer. It's radiation day today.

This week they showed me a letter from the Department of Social Services, justifying why their pensions had been halved. It turns out that my father has been earning R20 000+ per year for the past while. Not only does he not know about this, but the records are at least 10 years old. So I suppose he must be grateful that they are not claiming back payments from him! This kind of nonsense is the short stick of the GEAR policy of our political masters. How many other pensioners are subjected to this? The onus is now on my parents to prove that it is not the case that my father has an income of R1800 per month. Incidentally, my mother's pension was halved at the same time, as well, for good measure. The National Austerity Indexers (NAIers) must be so glad.

Margaret Legum wrote that globalisation for us means that our workers are forced to accept atrocious conditions because the Chinese work under such conditions. Meanwhile, our business executives and public servants are paid exorbitant salaries and bonusses because we must compete with the West at that end of the scale. How about if we import some Chinese politicians to replace the ones we have, at half the price?


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