This place is going to the dogs…

Following on the recent events as recounted in the "The Man in the Van" posting, talk in the household has taken on a decidedly doggish turn. Noah is quite anxious, wanting me to check that the gates are locked before he goes to sleep, in case "a smuggler tries to steal me". We have not told him about what happened last week; he must be picking up on our vibes.

So the next layer of security looks like it is going to be about 30-60 centimeters off the ground, and a have a bushy tail. This will bring our Pet Population to 7, including the children. The division is 4 feline, 1 canine, 2 primate. There are constraints to consider. Our best bet, accoding to Cecily Blumberg, is to get a puppy that will become accustomed to the cats. I must say, though, that after almost five years of child rearing, the idea of picking up poo, whining in the night and letting the thing sleep in the bed, again, does not appeal to me.

Last night (actually, it was more like 04h30 this morning), Jody woke me up, calling out "Dada, dada". His mother went to comfort him, as is the norm, but he persisted. I got up and held him in my arms. He was delirious, wriggling, and wanting to back to her. Then he wanted me again. I held him closer, till he fell asleep. I sat on his bed and fell asleep with my arm under his head. Lately he has taken a shine to me. I think he might even love me. His favourite thing is to scrunch up his face, and say "MamaDada Mamadada MamaDada", until he runs out of breath. He also likes 'truck', probably because it is similar to his all-time favourite 'duck'. He would like a dog, or 'dohg', as he says. But would it be fair to him? It might be the same as giving him a baby primate sibling. He has a hard enough time with Noah, who thinks it is high time we sent Jody to the orphanage.

So what should we get? I am thinking of a Labrador. After all, we do live in the leafy suburbs now. Gotta keep up with the Mlambos. I have not had a dog to call my own since Bubbles died. Now there was a dog. Always happy to see me, following me wherever I went. I loved sticking his wet nose in my ear. Sadly, Bubbles shuffled off this mortal coil several years ago, and was buried in my brother's garden. He might have risen again, since I could not find any trace of him when the foundations were dug for the swimming pool. He came with us from Strandfontein campsite the last time we were there (must be 1983, or so). Maybe I'll go back there to find me another mutt.


3 Responses to “This place is going to the dogs…”

  1. hoolahoop Says:

    is that why you called the car “bubbles”? maybe i should call my vespa bobbi. or bunty. or sandy.

    by the way, i’m sure you must realise that truck and duck also rhyme with something else. good luck.

  2. the1rod Says:

    truck and duck, of course, rhyme with suck, which is another favoured jody activity.

  3. AIDA Prinzip Says:

    good blog

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