Star Wars – The Return of the Flask

It was a long time coming. The original date of loss was between Christmas and New Year of 2003. I think. Then in 2005 efforts were made at retrieval. Successfully. But perhaps it was not a real loss. They knew where it was. They just did not want to fetch it. Of course, I say this under correction. Possibly.

The final retrieval was associated with a birth, so there may be a Christmas connection. Mmmm…

They, as one says when identifying an anonymous (hah!), almost menacing presence, in the vein of the CIA, or the Powers-That-Be, were a couple we knew. We had met in the years B.C. You know, Before Children. Just before, actually, in ante-natal class. Turns out the wives knew each from years before, at school. Small world, this city. 

The husband is an ego, errr, I mean an actor. A few television appearances gave him his attitude (that the small screen does such things makes me wonder about its larger counterpart). Or is that putting the cart before the horse? Oh, not that I am dropping names, or anything, did I mention he was on the same set as Val Kilmer, once? Now there is an ego, apparently. The encounter must have been bruising. Is that what is meant by "Star Wars"?

The wife is a thespian, too. I don't think she is 'big' enough to make it onto the small screen, though. I mention all of this because it is rather integral to the tale about to be told. For it was at the time mentioned, that we met up with them at a country retreat up in the mountains. If I remember correctly, the flask was already in our possession, and not present at the scene unfolding. So the flask itself is not integral to the story, it seems. Yet, come to think of it, perhaps it was the unconscious cause of their consternation. Things started out pleasantly enough. Walks in the surrounding forest of pines. Swimming in the duck dam. Evenings settling cosily in the distance, while fires start up close by. Chitter chatter to while away the time. Darkness falls, and the stars bloom like flowers in the Namaqua spring. Heavens! The stuff memories are made of.

Cometh the hour, cometh the car of the people staying at the cottage alongside. Cometh their crap music to unsettle it all, blaring from the back speakers of the American-made car. Who are these people? Not from Nedbank, that's for sure.


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