My Mistress

We spend hours together, my mistress and I. She gives me great pleasure, especially when I get all hot.

But she is also high maintenance. I buy her things. Expensive stuff: crystals, acid, that white powder. She has – how shall I put it? – certain needs. Sometimes I sneak out the back door at night, after everyone has gone to sleep at home. We meet at her place.

She sparkles in the moonlight. Very romantic, alluring. I admire her texture, her smoothness. She lies there, waiting…I want to explore her bottom.

I lift the cover, and dip my hand into the wet spot, slowly clearing the bushy area until I find that the hole is clear. She hums, satisfied. I love that sound. It's all worth it.

After that, we like to use the gadgets. I clumsily put my finger on the button, put the setting on to high flow, and start pumping!

Ahhhhh… My mistress, the swimming pool.


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